Start-ups & New Agencies

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The start of a new journey comes with risk, uncertainty, stress, and resources stretched thin. It is a gamble whether or not you will succeed. It is not for the faint of heart. Yet here you are, jumping out on your own to start an independent agency.

SIAA and Alabama Insurance Alliance offer a proven track for new agencies to get you started on the right path and ensure you are not on your own. With decades of experience in the industry, our team will coach you through the early years of your agency, while providing concrete tools to help maximize your efforts from day one. We will make sure you have the carriers, the partners, the technology, and the answer to every question you run across--all we need from you is the drive to succeed.

  • 4,800 new agencies formed through SIAA
  • 1:1 agency development support
  • Foundational business training
  • Direct mentorship for the first 24 months
  • Access to companies
  • Top-level commissions
  • National & local profit sharing
  • Marketing resources
  • Training & Learning Center access
  • Access to SIAA group benefits plan
  • Discounted cyber liability coverage
  • Revenue-based rating plan for Agents Errors & Omissions coverage

Start-ups & New Agencies

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