AIA Benefits

How would I benefit from a membership with Alabama Insurance Alliance?

  • Increase your income from profit sharing, overrides, and preferred contracts, while remaining completely independent.
  • Access more markets, even niche, and specialty markets.
  • Successfully compete against large agencies, insurance networks, insurance aggregators, and clusters in your market area.
  • Ability to earn direct appointments and have access to other companies through Alabama Insurance Alliance AccessPlus placement department.
  • Grow your agency and significantly increase its value.
  • Receive discounts on agency management systems.
  • Meetings highlighting industry trends and specific company programs.
  • Membership in SIAA, the nation’s largest network of agencies in 48 states and Canada writing over $9.6 billion in premium.
  • Insurance Journal’s #1 “Top 20 Agency Partnerships” 8 straight years.
  • An estimated 13 percent of all independent agencies in the U.S. are or have been signed members of SIAA.

Why joining Alabama Insurance Alliance is a mutually beneficial relationship

  • Our business relationship is based on helping you write business AND your overall independent insurance agency. Your agency will always:
  • Own 100% of the value of your agency as of the time you join.
  • Retain 100% of your commission income as of the date you join.
  • Alabama Insurance Alliance only profits by helping our agents grow their books of business and increase their income.

Increase Your Agency's Income and Value

Represent the most Competitive Companies