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  Our Team

Bob Froese, President, CRM

  • Appointed President of Aronov Insurance in 1996
  • Founded Alabama Insurance Alliance (AIA) in 1999
  • Bachelors Degree from the University of Iowa
  • Masters Degree from Loyola University of Chicago
  • Over 25 years experience in the insurance industry

Sam Everette, VP Marketing and Business Development

  • Started with AIA in 2005
  • Over 18 years of Independent Agency management experience
  • Bachelors Degree from Birmingham-Southern College 

Mandy Mann, Business Development Manager

  • Started with Aronov/AIA in 2000
  • Earned CIC Designation
  • Bachelors Degree from Troy State University

Valerie Dew, Director of Client Services

  • Started with AIA in 2006
  • Received CIC and CPIA designations
  • Over 20 years of experience in insurance industry with a focus on Independent Agents

Kevin Mashburn, Marketing Manager

  • Started with AIA in 2008
  • Bachelors Degree from Florida Atlantic University
  • Over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry 

Tamara Manuel, Commercial Lines Marketer

  • Started with AIA in 2002
  • Holds CISR Designation

Jennifer Sabir, Commercial and Personal Lines Marketer

  • Started with AIA in 2011
  • Holds CISR Designation

Windy Herbert, Commercial Lines Account Manager  

  • Started with AIA in 2005
  • Bachelors Degree from Alabama State University
  About SIAA

Launched in 1995 and based on the success of the Satellite Agency Network (SAN), SIAA now has over 5,000 signed independent agencies generating hundreds of millions in new premium business annually. SIAA is not a network, franchise, cluster, or aggregator. SIAA members increase their independence as members of a large national alliance. For more information, please visit us at


I joined AIA in 2001 for the sole purpose of needing another carrier appointment.  I had just lost a major carrier with over one million in premiums, that the other carriers in my office did not have an appetite for that volume or lines of business.  So, I met with AIA, joined, and within a month they had me appointed with another standard carrier. Now, for the rest of the story. Not only was AIA able to do that for me, but they also opened up other markets and carriers to me that I have since received direct appointments with.  If that were the end of the story, that would be great, but there is even more. They provided us with the ability to join my company codes with theirs to create overrides, extra commission and bonuses that would not have been available to me without them.  The small investment with AIA has been very beneficial to us, especially financially.  So if you are looking for carrier appointments, carrier access or increased compensation, then I would certainly talk to AIA.

-Dwain Davis

Davis & Associates

Andalusia, AL

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